Monday, September 17, 2007

GeoGuys #1

So here it is, the "first" Geoguys. It's not really the first comic, because me and some friends invented these guys 6 years ago. However they have been greatly revamped and turned into a more humorous webcomic as opposed to their old style of full paged adventure comic. As no one but us really got to know these guys in their previous incarnation all of this stuff really doesn't matter. The basic premise is the lives of these three friends. They are nerds at heart. They are movie loving, sci-fi reading, comic collecting gamers. They prove that even nerds can leave their pocket protectors in the 7th grade and make nerdity cool. There is no real topic in particular this comic attempts to tackle. Its merely a mirror of the lives me and my friends live.
Just to introduce the guys quickly in this first strip is (from left to right) Circ, Rhom, and Iso. I hope their individual personalities will become more self-apparent in further strips rather than me detailing their profiles. Hope you guys dig it!

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